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Potato pie with Caciocavallo cheese served in Mornay sauce

Potato pie is a perfect starter that adds style to any special dinner. This is a simple recipe, and like all simple recipes we need to be careful about the food we buy.

Ingredients: (for a single portion)

  • 1 small potato
  • “caciocavallo” cheese
  • salted ricotta
  • Mornay sauce
  • Mozzarella (cut into pieces or slices)
  • Pepper
  • Salt



  • Light up the oven 30 minutes before cooking so that the chamber combustion temperature is 200°C / 390°F.
  • Slice the caciocavallo into small cubes.
  • Wash the potato. Boil one half in hot water and mash it to have a puree. Slice the other half into thin strips and then grill the strips in the bottom cooking chamber for 5 minutes.
  • Place oven paper on the chef tools tray. Put the dough cutter on it, and place the potato strips inside the cutter, overlapping them.
  • Sprinkle on salt and pepper and top with mozzarella pieces.
  • Place on potato puree layer, more mozzarella and another layer of potato strips.
  • To finish, sprinkle the salted ricotta over the pie.
  • Cook for 15 minutes, and serve hot.